Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 212 - Kaleidoscopic

(Synergy, 36"x 24", February 2013 by: moi )

Day 212 - "Rainbow Country" By Bob Marley (Remix)

It was a Bob Marley type of evening while I was putting the finishing touches on my newest paintings. I had the pleasure of company while painting and this benefited in choosing my colours because every person provokes me to use different colours depending on their personality and mood. Each painting has a story behind it and it is a wonderful feeling to take in each completed piece and recall all of the energy that went in to the masterpiece. Most of the time I love my paintings...and some times I despise what I have done to the the canvas! But never fear as one can always paint over top of an undesirable painting. Thinking back to those canvases, I really should take before and after photos for the ones that have taken such a intense change in direction.

My best example for a change in direction would have been my last Gorilla Art experience. I plan on going to Gorilla Art again this Wednesday and I am very excited to see where the night will take me! I am so inspired by thinking about all of the artists that will be there with their unique talents. Amazing pieces emerge from the artists hands within such a short period of time. I am especially fond of the portrait style paintings. Hmmmm I think I might have to put a bit more paint on a canvas before bed while the inspiration is so strong...


(Red Envelope, 30" x 40" February 2013 by moi)

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